Reusing Your Old Jeans?
Make This Great little Bag

Reusing your old jeans is one way you can recycle and help stop them going to landfill. If you have Made a skirt out of your worn out jeans. then why not turn one of the legs into a bag to match.

This is one of my favourite ways to make a simple bag, it's just big enough to fit all your essentials in and is mostly lined inside without having to fiddle about cutting patterns out.

The best bit is that you can add your own embellishments to make it your own unique style.

Reusing Jeans To Make A Bag

recycled jeans bag square

Start off by cutting off the leg and cutting up one of the seams to make a flat piece of material. fold it into a triangle edge to edge so that you have a square and cut off the excess.

recycled jeans bag hem marked

The next step is to hem all the way around. Mark a line 0.5cm in all the way around and then mark another line 2cm in. Both measured from the outside edge.

recycle jeans bag hems

Press the hem over with an iron on the first line. I always use a thin piece of card to help me keep a straight line. Then press it over again on the second line.

recycled denim bag hems ironed

This is what it should look like when you have finished ironing.

recycled denim bag hems opened up

Open out the corner so that you can start to mitre them. this makes them neat and not too bulky.

recycled denim bag hems cut

Cut out the little square where the hems cross. Not easy to explain so best to look at the picture carefully.

recycled denim bag hems cut and ironed

Fold and press the corners as shown, then press the hem back into place.

recycled jeans bag corners into middle

Turn the square right side up and fold all the corners except the top one into the middle.

recycled jeans bag corners into middle pinned

So that there is only a small amount of stitching showing on the outside of the bag we will sew the inside together before sewing it down, Take the sides and pin them together as shown.

recycled jeans bag corners sewn on machine

Sew the sides together and repeat on the other side.

recycled jeans bag corners sewn and ironed

Iron both sides down flat and then turn to the right side.

recycled jeans bag straps pinned

At this point you need to decide what your bag straps are going to be like. I've made mine from the other leg of the jeans cut up and made into strips. How to make the straps. Whatever straps you decide to make push them inside the turned out bag and pin in place.

recycled jeans bag corners sewn

Sewn right through all layers of the bag right from one strap all the way along to the other strap. Make sure to follow the v shape.

recycled jeans bag folded to sew

Fold the bag in half right sides together, and pin ready to sew.

recycled jeans bag folded to sew back

This is what it looks like from the other side. Sew close to the edge on both sides or use a small whip stitch to sew by hand.

recycled jeans bag complete

Turn the bag the right way around and press. Thats it !! Reusing your old jeans is that easy :)

recycled jeans bag complete with decoration

I like to make things a little bit quirkier by reusing old necklaces and beads that I have taken off clothes and other stuff I throw away.

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