Recycle Old Jeans Into A Skirt

You can recycle old jeans into this great looking skirt. I wear it over my leggings in the winter :)

You don't need to be brilliant at sewing to follow these instructions. The most important thing to remember is that the old jeans you are using are about to be thrown away!

So if you make a mess of them it doesn't matter :)

Have a bit of confidence and dive straight in....... good luck x

The Recycle Old Jeans Into A Skirt Project.


Start with a pair of old jeans that you no longer want to wear.

trousers inside out

Turn them inside out.

seam cut

Take the inside seam of both legs and cut off the bit that is oversewn to stop it fraying. Do this all the way from the crotch to the bottom hem.

seams unpicked

Unpick these seams again all the way from the crotch to the hem.

front pinned

Pin together the front two seams so that they form the front of the skirt. Pin the crotch bit over to one side so that it lies flat and also fold the seam over a little so that you can sew it straight onto the front panel. To get this recycle old jeans project right, its worth taking some time to put the jeans on at this point and make sure you are happy with the shape.


Sew along this pinned seam so that it is secure and lies flat. Carry on down until you reach a little longer than you want the skirt to be.

back pinned

Put the skirt/jeans on and pin the back the same way as the front. The only difference is that instead of letting the crotch bit lie on the front, poke it through the back. When you are happy with the way you've pinned it, turn it inside out and cut off the extra crotch bit. It is a lot easier if you get a friend to pin the back for you. It will defo save you getting a crick in your neck :)

hem pinned

sew the back seam the same way that you did the front. The next step is to decide how long you want the skirt to be. Put it on again and get a friend to pin it to the right length. You can do it yourself but it's a bit of a struggle.

hem pinned

Make sure you double the seam over so that it doesn't fray when you put it in the washing machine.

sewn seam

Nearly done recycling your old jeans! Just got to get this hem sewn. If your jeans are made out of stretching material it's important to sew two lines of stitches. I do this anyway as it looks a lot neater.

skirt complete

Thats it :) I hope you like your skirt and that you have enjoyed this project to recycle old jeans.

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