Is Recycling For Kids?
Yes! Get Stuck In With These Easy Craft Projects.

Mmmm is recycling for kids? Well you may be surprised how much fun kids can have whilst recycling.

I've been trying out some craft ideas using only things that I was throwing away. If you usually buy your kids lots of fancy craft kits then these craft ideas could save you some serious money!

The focus is mainly on items that we throw into our rubbish bin and cannot put in the recycle bin. Some projects though do use things like milk cartons and pop bottles. In these cases I have tried not to use glue or paint so that when the item is finished with it can still be broken down and recycled.

I've found that most children don't notice whether things are expensive or not, so rarely appreciate things just because you have spent a lot of money on them.

What children seem to appreciate in my experience is the time and effort you lavish on them. Spending time with them hunting around for the things you need for a project can be so much fun.

There is also no pressure to be perfect or careful as all the things you are using were getting thrown away or recycled anyway!!

This make the whole experience far more fun and relaxed.

Why not collect together lots of different bits of junk and play a game to see who can make the most imaginative thing with them. I'm sure you will be surprised at the amazing ideas that kids have. You can vary the game every time you play, so next time it could be the most useful, then the most entertaining, or even the most ridiculous!

As well as saving you a great deal of money on art supplies and craft packs for your kids, I hope these projects will inspire you to make up your own projects in the future. After all the stuff I'm throwing away may not be the same as the stuff that you are throwing away :)

Let your creativity run wild and get you kids recycling in the process! Enjoy these projects.

Recycling for Kids

Windmill Make a Windmill by recycling microwave rice packets and pencils!
goldfinch on feeder Make A Milk Carton Bird Feeder
egg carton propagator Egg Carton and Plastic Food Tray Propagator