This Milk Carton Bird Feeder
Will Help Keep The Kids Busy

Making this milk carton bird feeder is very easy and requires only minimum guidance from an adult.

There are a number of other advantages to this type of feeder. The first is that it really will keep them busy as it only holds a handful of seed! If you have a moderate number of small birds in your garden the kids will have to be seed monitors filling it up over and over again and checking when it's empty.

Another great advantage is that there is no glue involved so when you get fed up of it you can dismantle it and put it in the recycle bin.

If your kids love to paint they can decorate it any way they choose. The paint will gradually fall off and then you can again recycle the milk carton.

Ooh and the last one is that it will save you money on craft kits and bird feeders which can cost a fair bit!

It's not just the kids that will love it watch this video to see how much the goldfinches in my garden love it too!

How To Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

milk carton

You will need a small mik carton to start with. Take off the label.

perch hole

With a compass or old ball point pen make a hole for the perch. Make sure it is as close to the bottom of the milk carton as possible. This might require some adult supervision.

pencil perch

Wiggle a pencil into the hole and push it through to the other side of the carton. Make another hole where the pencil hits the other side of the milk carton.

perch pencil

Push the pencil all the way through so it sticks out evenly on both sides.

close up complete

Now we need to cut a hole to let the birds get the seed. Make a hole about 2 cms above the perch. Wiggle a pen/pencil in to make it bigger. Push your scissors into the hole and cut out a big square. This may also require some adult supervision.

carton feeder complete

Do exactly the same on the other side. Thats almost it! You have nearly completed your bird feeder. To hang the feeder up make two holes in the very top of the carton and poke through some string, an old boot lace or a piece of washing line.

goldfinch on milk carton feeder

All you need to do now is fill the bottom with bird seed and keep watching! As you can see the goldfinches in my garden love my milk carton bird feeder.
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