Your Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Will Save You Money and
The Birds Will Flock To Your Garden.

This soda bottle bird feeder will attract lots of great birds to your garden. I live in quite a built up area of England and I still get loads of goldfinches, greenfinches, robins and tits all from putting up recycled bird feeders and filling them with seeds the birds love!

Don't feel you have to spend a lot of money to feed the birds. I would sooner save money making my own bird feeder from plastic scrap and use the money I have saved to buy good quality seed that the birds will love.

This project uses a pop bottle, an empty salt container, some used stick pens and some elastic bands. Please feel free to modify it to suit what plastic scrap you have lying around, and please get in touch and show me your pop bottle bird feeders.

How to Build your Pop Bottle Bird Feeder

salt container

First thing you need is a salt container like this one

recycle symbol

The container I'm using is made from type 2 plastic and is very pliable, any similar container made from the same plastic will do.

salt container bottom cut off

Carefully cut the bottom off the container with a sharp pair of scissors.

salt container cut down middle

Carefully cut in a straight line right down the middle of the container.

salt container measured

Cut the top off the container and straighten it out next to a rule. Cut it to a length of about 15.5cm.

salt container with notch

cut a notch in the salt container as shown, it's about 7.5cm long and 3cm wide. Let it role up again and put it aside.

pop bottle

Next wash out an empty pop bottle. This is the main part of your soda bottle bird feeder.

pop bottle with compass in it

Measure about 5cm up the bottle from the lid end and make a small hole with a compass.

compass on ruler

Set your compass to 3.5cm and put it back into the bottle. Draw a circle to show where you will cut the hole for the salt container to fit.

cutting pop bottle with scissors

Very carefully insert a small pair of scissors in the hole the compass made. Cut 4 diagonals from the middle to the edge of the circle you have just drawn.

scissors cutting big hole in pop bottle

Then cut around the circle trying to be as neat as possible.

pop bottle with big hole in it.

This should look something like this. Then do the same thing on the exact opposite side of the bottle so you have two 3.5cm holes in the bottle directly opposite each other.

two holes in pop bottles

This is difficult to get a good picture of.

salt container rolled up

Roll up the salt container so that it's smaller than the hole in the pop bottle and fix it with elastic bands.

salt container in pop bottle

insert rolled up salt container in pop bottle and centre. Remove elastic bands and let it uncurl and fit snuggly inside the holes you have made.


Take apart two used stick pens and keep the plastic bodies.

pens taped together

Tape together two stick pens to use as a perch. make a hole with your compass about a centimetre underneath the holes you have already made. Use another stick pen or small screwdriver to carefully wiggle in the hole to make it big enough for the perch to fit in. Do the same on the other side and push the two pens in until they stick out the same amount on both sides.

salt container one elastic band

Use an elastic band to go around the top of the salt container and round the perch you have just inserted. The one I have used is a little thin but will still form a seal to keep out most of the moisture. The thicker the better!

two elastic bands on

Do the same on the other side.

salt container notch shown

You can regulate the flow of seed in this soda bottle bird feeder by deciding which way the notch in this pop bottle bird feeder will point. Downwards for fast flowing seed. To the side for medium and straight up if the seed is very slow.

goldfinch on feeder

To hang this soda bottle bird feeder use another stick pen and make holes at the other end of the bottle. Poke the stick pen through the bottle and then thread some old string or left over washing line through the pen to hang the feeder.Fill with seed and watch for birds!!!

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