Save Money!
Recycle Plastic Food Tubs Instead Of Buying Gift Boxes.

You can recycle plastic food tubs into so many different things. This is my favorite way though :)

Presents can be expensive and very wasteful. Just take a look at all the plastic they contain - very frustrating when you are trying to get your hands on the contents and it's all fastened down tight with packaging!

It's more cost effective and eco friendly if you re use the plastic scrap thats left after the weekly grocery shop.

I know what you're thinking 'imagine getting a present in a margarine tub' ....... Trust me with a little creativity and imagination your presents can look as good as the pre-packaged ones that cost a fortune on the high street.

Anyway, enough of my yacking :) Here is an example of buying a few cheap items that go together and then using plastic scrap, recycled plastic tubs and other bits and bobs that we all have lying around the house, to make an attractive gift box.

I hope it tickles your imagination and helps you save a bit of money....enjoy!

Recycle Plastic Scrap Into A Gift Box

plastic tub

I chose this plastic tub that had contained grapes (before i ate them all) The size you choose depends on what you have bought to go into it.


This is what I chose to go into the tub, it cost less than £10. But you can be pretty specific if you know who it's for. So if they like gardening why not buy a couple of packets of seeds, a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves and dress them up nice in a tub. As well as being thoughtful it's really good for the planet to recycle plastic!

tub covered

Ok this is where you might have to change things a bit to suit what you have lying around. I've used a bit of an old red bed sheet to line the tub. Have a look around the house and see what old clothes or bedding you have. Could you use it? Does it go with the presents you are going to put in the tub?

material in tub

Wrap the material around the recycled plastic tub and just tuck it into the bottom. Don't worry about being too neat inside just get the outside so it looks even.

card in tub

Use a piece of card to hold the bottom of the material down. I've used a piece of juice carton as it's a similar colour. Don't worry you won't see this when you've finished.

shredded paper

To fill the tub up I usually use shredded paper. For this present I've chosen all the leaflets and scrap paper I've kept that are pink or red. Brown paper works well and even newspaper will look good depending on the type or theme of the present.


To keep all the stuff inside from falling out the tub needs a lid. For this I've decided to recycle another plastic tub by cutting the bottom out of it. I've cut it so that it fits tightly into the original tub.


To keep everything together a ribbon is a great idea if you have one. Otherwise, because I didn't have one when I was making this, cut the hem off the sheet you have used. This can them be tied around the plastic tub when the whole thing is constructed. You can also use string.

complete present

Ok it's time to put it all together. Put the shredded paper in the tub and arrange the presents on top of it so that they look nice :) Add the lid, then tie the band around the lot. Secure it with a knot underneath. That's it, all done.

I hope this has inspired you to recycle plastic tubs and other plastic scrap. You really can turn your trash into treasure.

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