Make Your Own Bird Feeder!
Its Easy and looks Great

Make your own bird feeder that looks just like a shop bought one! Feeding the birds can be so rewarding especially in the spring time when you get to see all the lovely chicks.

Normally bird feeders are hung up on a pole or attached to a wall. This home made bird feeder is unique as it fits right in amongst your flowers.

I love to sit quietly in the garden and watch the blue tits flitting in and out of the flower bed collecting seeds from this feeder that could be mistaken for another flower.

How To Make Your Own Bird Feeder

laundry ball to recycle

The first thing you need to make your own bird feeder is an old laundry ball. It doesn't have to be exactly this shape and you may have to adapt things slightly if yours is different.

pencil with rubber removed

You will also need the eraser from the top of an old pencil and a wire coat hanger.

laundry ball with hole made in it

Start to make your own bird feeder by making a hole in the bottom of the laundry ball. Use a compass, bradall, stitch ripper or similar pointy thing to start it off then poke in a small screw driver to make it a bit bigger. You need to be a able to fit the eraser in snugly so make sure it's not too big.

eraser in hole in laundry ball

make a hole in the centre of the eraser with a pin then fit it into the hole you just made in the laundry ball.

wire coat hanger through hole in laundry ball

Cut a piece of wire coat hanger with wire cutters. Make it as long as you want it all depends on the size of the flowers in your flower bed. Push the piece of wire through the hole in the eraser. You will have to hang on to the eraser while you do this or it will be dragged out of the hole.

wire coat hanger in shape of hook

Fashion the end of the wire into a hook shape. Pull the wire back into the ball and mark where the end hits the bottom of the ball.

coat hanger attached to laundry ball

Make another hole where you have marked, and pull the end of the wire coat hanger through the new hole. Make some small drainage holes in the bottom and sides as well.

unpainted bird feeder in garden

If you don't want to paint it fill it with seed and put it in the garden amongst the flowers.

painted laundry ball

If you want to make it a feature in your garden it looks great painted in a bright colour with acrylic paint.

laundry ball feeder in flowers

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