An Origami Cup
For Your Counter Top Compost Bin

This origami cup is made from used newspaper. You can use a few sheets together if you have very wet stuff to compost e.g. lots of not very squeezed out tea bags or rotten veg.

I was amazed how much compost liners cost in the supermarket so this is my recycling alternative. I hope it saves you a lot of money and makes composting a much cleaner experience! :) x

Who wants to spend a fortune on bags that disintegrate!!

Origami Cup

newspaper folded into a square First of all we need to make a square from a piece of newspaper. Fold the bottom right corner up to the top edge and fold it down flat as shown. Cut off the spare bit and put it in your recycle bin.
square of newspaper You should end up with a perfect square like this one :)
origami cup first fold Fold the top corner down to the bottom edge. Where it meets the left side of the square squash the paper down to form a crease.
newspaper first fold pressed Only fold the rest of the paper very loosely.
newspaper first fold unfolded Unfold this. You should be able to see the crease where the paper met the left edge.
origami cup second fold Take the right hand bottom corner and fold it up to the left edge. Make the corner meet the crease you made earlier. Flatten this fold out properly all along it's length.
origami cup third fold Fold the left bottom corner across to meet the right side. Make the corner meet the top fold exactly as shown.
origami cup top folded down Fold the top layer, top corner down as shown.
origami cup top triangle turned down Press this fold in firmly.
origami cup turned over Turn the cup over.
origami cup turned over and pressed Do the same on this side to complete the cup.
origami cup complete And there you have it, the completed cup. Open it out and put it in your counter top compost bin.
origami cup full of peelings It will also stand up on it's own with a little adjustment to the bottom, making it ideal to put your peelings in when you are busy in the kitchen. When your cup is full just fold the flaps back over the top and pop it in your garden compost bin or kerbside collection. It's a good start to your green gardening techniques